January 14 - March 22, Penn's Landing Playhouse

The Divorcees Club is a hilarious, comedic portrayal of three very different divorced women - Bethany (“the Main Line socialite”), Bridget (“the country girl”) and Mary (“the not-so-exotic bimbo from New Jersey”) – all forced by circumstances to share an apartment, who decide to go hunting for the perfect man. Their quest is the platform to debate male & female relationships, love, and trust, with an insightful and humorous reexamination of life’s true priorities. In the process, these three women who seem to have nothing in common forge a friendship based on solidarity. The Philadelphia production of The Divorcees Club is the USA premier of the most successful theatrical comedy in France – Le Clan des Divorcees – which has entertained over 3 million people in the last 10 years.

The unique twist in this original comedy is that Bridget is played by a man. Although her roommates see a woman and interact with her as they would with another woman, the audience sees a man - a proverbial “fox in the hen house” - privy to the kinds of things men usually never see or hear. Bridget has a certain natural authority and quickly becomes a sort of surrogate mother for her two roommates. Bridget also addresses the audience from time to time, establishing a direct complicity beyond the imaginary fourth wall – which translates into laughter. Laughs are the real star of the show, the true motivation behind every line and the body language of every member of this most unusual club.