The Divorcees Club is based upon the hit French comedy titled, Le Clan des Divorcées. Both productions are the creation of Alil Vardar - a comedian, actor and playwright - and his brother Hazis Vardar, a director and producer. Alil and Hazis were born in Belgium and are the sons of an Albanian laborer who worked in the cement trade. Alil and Hazis started their entertainment career in Brussels in the late 1990’s. As young entertainers and entrepreneurs, they quickly realized that they preferred making a living with comedy and theatre rather than laying cement and, after launching and running small comedy clubs in Brussels in their late teens, sold their interests in Belgium and moved to the South of France in 2000.

From 2000 to 2003, Alil honed his skills as a stand-up comedian while writing drafts of the play that ultimately became Le Clan des Divorcées. During this time, Alil stumbled upon the risky idea of performing the lead role of Bridget himself. Le Clan des Divorcées premiered in 2003 in a theatre in Toulouse where it was originally scheduled to play for three weeks, was extended for six months, and has ultimately continued performing non-stop for the last ten years.

Le Clan des Divorcées has become a theatrical phenomenon in France, the biggest theatrical success in the country of the last decade, despite the fact that the playwright and director are not French! The play performs in Paris every night at the theatre La Grande Comédie while additional productions perform in multiple cities across France. Earlier this year, Le Clan des Divorcées passed a milestone with over 3,000,000 tickets sold.

Thanks to the success of Le Clan, Alil and his brother Hazis now own and manage four theaters in Paris including the mythic 1,000 seat Le Palace, and three theaters in the French provinces of Nice, Strasburg and Lille. Alil continues to write and the brothers continue to produce. Three of their shows are currently playing in Paris: 10 Ans de Mariage (“10 Years of Marriage”), Familles (Re)composées (“Reconstructed”) and Le Clan des Divorcées.